It’s Time You Owned A Truck

Not just any truck, however.  It’s time you owned a Chevy Colorado pickup truck from Pine Belt Chevrolet, your go-to of Chevrolet dealers NJ.


Design and Refined Inside and Out

When you are ready to get away from the city lights to the star lights, the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado is designed to do just that. Get your available GearOn storage system which features a bed divider and two-tier loading. Haul the kayaks or bikes up top and camping gear below with room for Fido.

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Pine Belt Chevrolet — Put Your Mind At Ease

There are many car dealerships in NJ, but none that runs the extra mile with you like the #1 of Chevrolet Dealers NJ, Pine Belt Chevrolet. Buying a car should not be a painful, frightening or regrettable experience. You may have had an experience like that in the past, but at #PineBeltChevrolet, we work hard to earn and keep your trust.


Our Commitment to You

We believe that the palc eyou buy your vehicle should help you keep your vehicle on the road for as long as you own that vehicle. You can rely on us for all of your automotive needs. From the smallest of questions to all of your warranty and non-warranty work, we provide the highest quality in experience, parts and service. You don’t even have to own a Chevrolet to come to us for best-in-class service on your vehicle.


Crazy About Chevy

We love our Chevrolet lineup of vehicles and are passionate about each and every one of them. We know them inside and out. We are crazy about our Chevys and we want you to feel the same way too. Chevys are engineered to delight and take your respect for a world-class vehicle to new heights. We have a Chevrolet for every way of life. The zippy Chevy Cruze, the spitfire Camaro, the family friendly Traverse, Tahoe or Suburban—all of our vehicles are designed for whatever your stage of life may be.


Best in Class

Chevrolet vehicles have won more prestigious J.D. Power Initial Quality Awards than any other brand of vehicle on the road for four years in a row. Year after year, Chevrolet makes the grade and ups the ante in every vehicle in every way.


Come Into Pine Belt Chevrolet Today

It’s hard not to think that words on the screen or page may just be hype. So, come on into Pine Belt Chevrolet and get to know us. Meet our Teams. Test drive our vehicles. See for yourself the cars and the stars of Pine Belt Chevrolet. You can even check us out on the web at You won’t be disappointed.





Pine Belt Chevrolet

88 Ocean Ave

Lakewood, NJ 08701

Phone: 888.482.5920


It’s Truck Time!

It’s finally Spring and just on the other side of Spring is Summer. That means it’s TRUCK time! And there’s no better truck for summer fun than the 2017 Chevy Colorado. A versatile midsize pickup, the Colorado is far from a typical pickup.

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Spring Has Sprung!

There is never any shortage of things to do when Spring arrives. After this long hard winter, Spring couldn’t be more welcome. Did you know that New Jersey is a haven for birds and birders come Spring? Grab your binoculars and try something new while exploring the wilds of New Jersey. Pine Belt Chevrolet has some ideas for you on where the birding is best.

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Let Date Night Begin in Lakewood, New Jersey

Got those “I got a hot date but am low on funds and don’t know what to do blues”? Well, the folks at Pine Belt Chevrolet are no strangers to finding things to do on a #SaturdayNightinLakewood. Here are a few tips!

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Fifty Years and Love Affair Still Strong

Hard to believe, but 50 years ago, the Chevrolet Camaro appeared on the scene and a love affair began. The Camaro continues to bring to market cutting-edge performance, ingenious design and engineering brilliance. It’s now in its sixth-generation, with generous opportunities for pleasure cruising and being master to the track or open road. There is significantly more to love than ever.

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How to Have Your Vehicle Outlive Your Expectations

There was recently an article about a Congressman who had managed to get over 400,000 miles on his vehicle. Yes, that’s is an incredible number. How was he able to do this amazing feat? By performing preventative auto maintenance on his vehicle regularly. Pine Belt Chevrolet wants you to know what that means and what to do to keep your vehicle on the road and running.

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Next Gen Camaro—the Most Powerful Camaro SS Ever

It wasn’t shedding 200 lbs. from the fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro that makes the sixth-generation 2017 Camaro a powerhouse. Lightening the load was just the first thing.


Performance Technologies for Fuel Efficiency

Chevorlet’s new 6.2 liter LT1 V8 packs 455 horsepower and is not just a powerhouse under the hood. It is has the ability to be fuel efficient, as well as powerful. An 8-speed automatic transmission with Active Fuel Management allows the engine to turn off half of the cylinders when they are not in use to reduce fuel usage. Direct Injection and Variable Valve Timing features on the engine do the same.

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Midsize Crossover SUV by Chevrolet

When a sedan isn’t big enough, a truck is to rowdy looking and a full size SUV or van is just too big—Chevrolet has a midsize crossover SUV for you. It’s called the Chevrolet Equinox. The 2017 Chevrolet Equinox is a compact SUV that is well priced, well sized and performs well beyond your expectation.

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That Pesky Check Engine Light

It’s inevitable that your stomach drops to the bottom of your feet when that little orange light comes on while you are driving your children to school or on your way to work. A tinge of panic swells inside your chest. You have just shifted from frazzled to frenzied.

Breathe and let go of all that fear, frazzle, and frenzy. Pine Belt Chevrolet, your number one of car dealerships in NJ, says don’t panic and here is why.

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