GAME CHANGERS – Pine Belt Chevrolet and the 2017 Chevy Bolt!

It’s an electric vehicle but it drivers further on a charge and has a lower price. It qualifies for a $7,500 tax incentive and the emissions are cleaner than ever. What is this amazing vehicle? It is the award winning Chevrolet Bolt EV from Pine Belt Chevrolet,  your premier Lakewood car dealer of Chevrolet vehicles.

Double the Win, Double the Miles

In addition to previous wins of Motor Trend Car of the Year and Green Car of the Year, the #2017ChevyBolt is the winner of the North American Car of the Year chosen by auto journalists who test-drive vehicles and vote in this prestigious award.  The new #ChevyBolt can travel 238 miles, or 119 miles per gallon equivalent, on a single charge. This is double that of most electric vehicles in the electric car category and at half the cost of its closest competitor, Tesla. The savings you experience by driving the new Chevy Bolt for five years adds up to about $4,500 in fuel costs  over an internal combustion engine vehicle.


Comfort and High-Tech

The Bolt EV is a sub-compact Crossover with an interior is as large and comfortable as any standard sedan. But is unlike any other sedan. Instant torque technology makes acceleration instantaneous. The drive system is a high capacity electric motor with 200 horsepower that can go from 0-60 in seven seconds. An Electronic Precision Shift system uses electronic signals to the drive system to deliver power and torque. The newly designed battery pack extends the entire floor of the vehicle and can be charged overnight using a standard 240-volt wall outlet. Even the braking technology is high-tech jewel which sports one pedal driving and braking using a paddle on the back side of the steering wheel.


Bring it on Home with Pine Belt Chevy

For more information on the award winning Chevrolet Bolt EV and electric vehicles, go to our website at  We’re the best among Chevrolet dealers NJ!  Be a game changer today at Pine Belt Chevrolet.





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