A Couple Of Trusted and Popular Businesses in Lakewood NJ


Pine Belt Chevy, in Lakewood NJ, is the most trusted New Jersey Chevy dealer in the Jersey Shore. #Pine Belt Cars has been a family owned vehicle dealer since 1937.   We are very proud to be in Lakewood, NJ. We have a lot of great eateries here, and thought we’d share some of our favorites with you.

The Bagel Nosh is about a 10 minute drive from Pine Belt Chevy.  Founded in 1990, the Bagel Nosh is a small bagel and donut shop.


According to the Trip Advisor, the Bagel Nosh is the #1 place to eat in Lakewood, NJ. The reviews are all positive and the comments are all very consistent. The claims specifically about the bagels are that they are “authentic”, “top-notch”, “amazingly interesting”, “cool and creative”.  One review simply stated the Bagel Nosh is the “Best bagel shop in town”.


The comments about their service is also very positive.  At Pine Belt Chevy, we’ve found that their service is great, quick and fast.  Overall, their customers feel their service is very quick and efficient.  The Bagel Nosh has a great selection of freshly made bagels, donuts and bakery items.  This variety makes it easy to please every single member of the Pine Belt Chevy team!


Lakewood is proud of its many eateries.  At Pine Belt Chevy, we’re proud to be a part of the Lakewood community.  Come visit us at Pine Belt Chevy in Lakewood, NJ.


At Pine Belt Chevrolet, we have an extensive inventory of new, used and certified preowned vehicles.  Why not take one for a test drive?  Pine Belt Chevy is proud of our inventory, which you can view online at www.pinebeltchevrolet.com.  We also take pride to serve our New Jersey customers with a great deal more commitment, dedication and honesty than any Lakewood car dealers. The expert Sales team at #PineBeltChevrolet is  available to  answer your questions.  Come see us soon!





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