Pine Belt Chevy And The Chevrolet Owner Center


#Pine Belt Chevy in Lakewood NJ is the most trusted New Jersey Chevy dealer at the Jersey Shore.  We provide great customer service to all of our customer’s vehicles.  The Chevrolet Owner Center, an online tool, also helps Chevy owners to maintain their vehicles.  Chevy owners can monitor their vehicle’s service history, they can view their Owner’s Manual, they can check their warranty status, look at how-to videos, etc.


First, the Chevy owner should create an account or log in with his/her username and password for an up-to-date, vehicle-specific and personalized experience.


Once an account is set up, users can login to the Chevrolet Owner Center and access their vehicle’s service history.  Chevy owners can review dealer-entered service records as well as their own previously entered service information entered on, (if equipped).


By having a comprehensive service history centrally located, Chevy owners can get the most out of their vehicle, not only while driving their vehicle, but also at resale time.  Chevy owners can keep track of maintenance, be aware of when their vehicle is due for service, keep records organized and easy to find and most importantly, have peace of mind that they and their vehicle are safe on the road.


If your Chevy needs service, you can schedule service by choosing Pine Belt Chevy as your Preferred Service Dealer online.  This will help make scheduling service faster and easier in the future.


Come visit us at Pine Belt Chevy in Lakewood, NJ.


Pine Belt Chevy is proud to serve New Jersey customers with a great deal more dedication, commitment and honesty than any Lakewood car dealers. The expert Sales team at #PineBeltChevrolet can answer any of your questions.  Check out our website at






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