Driving The Electric Chevy Bolt EV: Will It Cause You Range Anxiety?


Drivers of the #Chevy Bolt EV rely on a gauge that is prominently displayed to help keep track of available range. This gauge provides valuable information.


The gauge is displayed on an 8.0-inch digital instrument-cluster screen.  The number in the middle represents the vehicle’s best estimate for how much further it can travel before running out of juice.


This middle number is flanked by a maximum and a minimum range estimate. As the Chevy Bolt EV is driven more efficiently, a green bar rises from the middle number to indicate that the vehicle is trending upward toward the maximum range.


If the vehicle is using more energy, a yellow bar stretches down toward the minimum range number. The spread between the maximum and minimum numbers narrows as the vehicle’s battery is further depleted. For example, prior to starting a test drive of approximately 240 miles, the Chevy Bolt EV, when fully charged, displayed a main range estimate of 225 miles at the start, with a maximum of 265 and a minimum of 184 miles.  When the test drive was finished, the gauge showed 34 miles, the maximum was 40 and the minimum was 27.


Range anxiety in the Chevy Bolt occurs on a different scale than in most other EVs. With less than one-fourth of battery capacity remaining, the range display can sometimes turn into a somewhat disturbing shade of orange; the sort of color that in another EV might prompt you to find a charging station as soon as possible.  But in the Chevy Bolt, it is likely to have 30 or 40 miles of range remaining when this happens, giving you plenty of time to run a few errands before needing to find your next charge point.


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