The Chevy Bolt EV: Why Should You Drive Electric?


There are many reasons why a prospective vehicle buyer should consider the  2017 #Chevy Bolt EV.


First, it has a beautifully sculpted exterior and a spacious interior.

Second, it’s performance is impressive and it has advanced technologies.

Third, the Chevy Bolt EV has completely reinvented what an electric vehicle can be. And as if the above reasons were not proof enough, the Chevy Bolt EV was named Motor Trend’s 2017 Car of the Year.


You can do it all with the Chevy Bolt EV, except stop for gas.

It is hard to imagine never having to stop for gas, never again.  Regardless of whether your commute consists of traveling to and from work or your commute simply consists of everyday errands, the Chevy Bolt EV goes the distance for you by providing an EPA- estimated 238 miles of range per full charge.


How far is an EPA-estimated 238 miles?  The average daily commute is only about 40 miles round trip. So, 238 miles is more than enough range to get through an average day. And you could go up to three or four days or even more, without needing to plug in.  You will also have two ways to boost your budget: by cutting out gas along with the addition of generous tax incentives.


You can learn more about the benefits of driving an electric vehicle, like the Chevy Bolt EV, by visiting Pine Belt Chevrolet.  Pine Belt Chevy takes pride in serving New Jersey customers with a great deal more dedication, commitment and honesty than any Lakewood car dealers.  They have operated under this goal since 1937 and it’s that guiding principle that has led them to house New Jersey’s largest collection of new and used Chevy cars, trucks and SUVs.  The expert Sales team at #PineBeltChevrolet can answer any questions.  Check out our website.





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