Charging The Electric Chevy Bolt EV Is Easy


If you can charge your cell phone, you can charge the #Chevy Bolt EV.

It is very convenient to charge the Chevy Bolt EV because you can top off your battery as much or as little as you like.  You can plug the vehicle in at night and by the morning, it is charged up and ready to go.  Plugging the Chevy Bolt EV can become a part of your daily routine without leaving your garage.


There are several options for charging the Chevy Bolt EV. First, the 240-Volt/32 amp charging unit (professional installation required) is available and is the fastest way to recharge your battery at home.  This option also offers more power than the standard 120-volt outlet and this higher-voltage system can provide up to 25 miles of range per hour of charge time.


Second, another option the Chevy Bolt EV offers is the DC Fast Charging capability. This option provides up to 90 miles of range in about 30 minutes of charge time. There are DC Fast Charging stations available for public use and they are perfect for topping off your charge anytime while on the go.


Lastly, you can program your charge settings whether you are home or away. By using the GPS signal in the car, the Chevy Bolt EV knows when you’re home. It will then activate according to your preset times. If you are not home, the Chevy Bolt EV will know to charge immediately. You can even postpone charging until utility rates are at their lowest off-peak prices, which is usually at night while you sleep.


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