The Basics of Battery Care


You get in your car to head to a meeting, or to pick up your kid at school.  You go to start the car.  And nothing.  The motor doesn’t turn over.  You’re sitting there with your head racing and you know that your day just took a giant turn for the worse. The good news is  there are steps you can take to be prepared for this, and even avoid it altogether.   And since Pine Belt Chevy is all about helping our customers, here they are.


It’s important to always keep jumper cables in the trunk of your car.  After all, you can’t predict where and when your battery dies.  And don’t assume that someone in the adjacent parking spot is going to have jumper cables. If you have them, it makes it easy for someone to help you.  Now if you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, having jumper cables may not help, but hopefully you can call for roadside assistance to come to your rescue.


Now, let’s look at jumping the battery.  You need to know how to do it, and feel comfortable doing it.  First, pop your hood and locate your battery. Remove any corrosion you see with a wire brush even battery spray, then wipe it clean.  Next, make sure the folks who are going to jump you have their car turned off.


Now, the jumper cables are color coded in red and black.  Remove the caps. Place the red clamp on the positive charge of the dead battery and place the other red clamp on the positive charge of the Good Samaritan’s battery.  Then, place the black clamp on the their negative charge and the other black clamp on a piece of metal on your car.  Have the other car start their engine, and then start yours.  It should start right up. Then, carefully remove the black clamps and the red clamps. Make sure you don’t let the black clamps and red clamps touch each other.  Replace the caps and tighten them.


So why did your battery die?  Did you leave your headlights on?  Is your battery getting old?  Most batteries are good for at least three years, but it can vary, depending on mileage and use.  If your battery is older, check your battery’s warranty to see if it can be replaced for free or for a reduced rate. If you need to purchase a new one, we invite you to visit Pine Belt Chevrolet.  Our Service experts can help you replace your battery and get you back out on the road in no time..


So, how can you reduce the likelihood of having a dead battery?  Be sure to check it often and keep it free of corrosion.  Check and see if the caps are on tight.  Keep your records about your battery and warranty with your owner’s manual and keep your receipt.


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