She’s Back!


Absent for more than ten years, confirmation finally comes from Chevrolet that the Blazer is returning to the automobile landscape.


It was reported by spy photographers that they caught Chevrolet testing a prototype of an SUV in the midsize range. Also reported was that the new midsize SUV would be called “Blazer” when it began production.


Fox News reported that the Blazer would most likely be a crossover when it makes its comeback and not a truck-based SUV.


Other details about the comeback of the #ChevroletBlazer are still sketchy but it is expected that the comeback will be at one of the auto shows sometime in 2017 for the 2018 model year.


So, we may have to wait a little longer but you can be sure that Pine Belt Chevy, the premier Chevy dealer of Lakewood Car Dealers will certainly make plenty of room for the new Chevrolet Blazer when they arrive more stylish and powerful than ever. For further news on the upcoming arrival of the Chevy Blazer, keep checking our website,





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