The Incredible Invincible Minivan


The incredible, invincible Chrysler minivan. They’ve seen a lot and have been many places. One minivan in particular is owned by a former Delaware Governor and current U.S. Senator, Tom Carper.


Carper drives a Town & Country Chrysler minivan. His admiration for the Town & Country began when he was Governor and the State Patrol would drive him around the state in a Town & Country. When he became a U.S. Senator, Carper decided he didn’t want to give up riding in a Town & Country, so he bought one. That was in 2001 and he drives that same van today. In fact, he’s clocked 437,000 miles on his Chrysler minivan.


When the van turned over to 400,000 miles, Carper took it into the dealership that had kept it on the road through all those miles and a great celebration was held with Carper and the mechanics who cared for his minivan.




A Washington politician. One who knows the value in taking great care with something and making it last. That says something about the man. And the Senator.


A Chrysler minivan that has 437,000 miles on it. That says a lot about the genius of Chrysler engineering. They developed the #Chryslerminivan to be tough and to last.


Chrysler service technicians. At Chrysler dealerships across this nation they are making vehicles last. Carper says the longevity of his Chrysler minivan can be credited to changing the oil and servicing the vehicle regularly and getting it a good wash every other week. “If you take care of something, whether it’s a car or a house or even a family, it’s amazing how long they can have a good, long run,” says Senator Carper. He aims to drive his Chrysler minivan for 500,000 miles.


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