Subaru Impreza Up to Bat in World Series of Automobiles

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There’s nothing more exciting than when the team that hardly makes it to the Series is on the mound. Congratulations to the 2017 Subaru Impreza for it nomination for World Car of the Year 2017.


Indisputably the foremost automotive award on the planet, and the #2017SubaruImpreza has a seat at the table! Just like the Cleveland Indians believed it had what it took to win in the World Series of baseball, so does Subaru. It may have plenty of doubters and lots of tough competition, but the Japanese love baseball and they are ready to play to win.


The World Car of the Year awards (WCOTY) only nominate from a pool of automobiles that cross continents in their availability. They can cost anywhere from a low as $10,000 to as much as six figures. There will be jurors from 23 countries. The competition isn’t about price or luxury, however, it is about genius design. Since receiving a 95% makeover of brilliant point-by-point design, particularly with its new Global Platform, Subaru is definitely at bat.


The 2017 Impreza has updated interior space and a wide and low sportiness to its exterior. Body vibrations are lower by 50% and driver will feel improved steering and driving dynamics, including improved body roll around corners.


Pine Belt Subaru is rooting for the home team in the prestigious WCOTY award competition. We hope you will, too. Stop  into Pine Belt Subaru and check out the amazing Subaru Impreza for 2017. See what the excitement is all about. The 2017 Impreza is also featured on our website, Batter Up!





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