What Would Arnie Say?


How many golfers do you know that deserve a very special gift at the holidays? Not just special but incredibly special? Well, here’s one for you.


In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Chevrolet Camaro, you can now be the owner of your own golf cart designed with Camaro cues. It really does look like the special edition 50th Anniversary Camaro. A little smaller, but if you or someone you know plays golf and loves the Camaro performance vehicle, this baby’s for you.


The headlights on this spiffy #CamaroGolfCart work, the hood pops open for storage and there are working taillights. Racing stripes and a hood vent add just the perfect touches to look your best on any Arnold Palmer golf Course—you know Arnie was a car man for GM. Just sayin…


And for you speed demon gearheads on the course, this baby does 19.5 miles per hour. Go get em, tiger!


While Pine Belt Chevrolet doesn’t carry this model of Chevrolet, we can certainly get you hooked up with the outfit that customizes them. Come on in to Pine Belt Chevrolet and check out the Chevrolet Anniversary Edition Camaro or take a look on our website at www.pinebeltchevrolet.com.





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