Americans Waste Money at the Pump

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It’s hard to believe that in this day of rising gas prices, Americans would be found wasting money on premium gasoline.


AAA recently conducted a study that showed plenty of Americans buy premium gasoline even though their cars don’t require it. Americans wasted about $2.1million billion last year. AAA also found that using premium gas in a car that doesn’t need it, won’t result in any benefit whatsoever.


A car’s driver manual will indicate if a car needs premium fuel, which Sports sedans or Performance vehicles may require premium fuel. If it does, there will be a sticker placed next to the gas cap or on the gas cap.


Permission to spend less on gas is granted.


#PineBeltCars which feature Chevrolet, Subaru, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles thinks that taking care of the second most expensive investment you will ever make is important. Overdoing it on expensive gasoline if the engine doesn’t require it will only result in less money in your pocketbook instead of increased performance in your car, however. Come into any of our Pine Belt dealerships and check out our inventory of vehicles that don’t require expensive gasoline to provide great performance. Or, visit the website of your favorite Pine Belt automobile:, or to see our inventory of fabulous new and certified pre-owned vehicles.





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