Building for America’s Bravest


It is a special man or woman who can serve on active duty in a combat zone. Sometimes they return home to civilian life permanently disabled. These soldiers have served and served honorably. They will never be the same and they deserve to have all the help we can give them in overcoming their disability. For some of these vets, just the simple act of opening a door at home can cause stress that seems like being on a battlefield. Because of everything these soldiers have faced and will continue to face, General Motors is lending its help to build custom homes for disabled U.S. vets through Building for America’s Bravest.

U.S. Marine Sergeant Ben Tomlinson has received a Smart Home. Tomlinson recently commented to General Motors, “Living in this house has made my outlook on life more positive, and I know the impact on my family has been big, if not bigger than it has been for me. I get told all the time that I’m a hero, but to me, the people from Building for America’s Bravest are the real heroes because they’re helping to improve people’s lives. I’m grateful to (General Motors) for supporting their work.”

Building for America’s Bravest builds Smart Homes customized to the targeted needs of the eligible vets. General Motors is raising funds and awareness for the program. There are 46 Smart Homes in development but there is a waiting list for 200 severely disabled vets needing Smart Homes.

We at Pine Belt Chevrolet are proud of our parent company, General Motors, for the work they do on behalf of disabled U.S. military veterans. Their commitment to making lives more comfortable for those that served and now live debilitated lives is commendable. We invite you to come into Pine Belt Chevrolet and find out how you can support Building for America’s Bravest. While you are at Pine Belt Chevrolet, take a test-drive. Come and see for yourself why General Motors is the right brand and Pine Belt Chevrolet is the right dealership, from sales to service, for you.





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