The Worst Kept Secret in Motor City


Is the Motor City keeping a secret? Clues are everywhere, pointing to the notion that the C8 Corvette is no longer just a rumor. The infamous but non-existent and much denied C8 mid-engine Corvette was recently captured on film by Car and Driver Magazine on the GM proving grounds in Miford, Michigan. What is a mid-engine vehicle and why does anyone really care? Well, if you are a racing enthusiast, you know that out-of-this-world performance cars that run in Formula One or Indy races are mid-engine cars. Mid-engine cars have their engines behind the driver in front of the rear wheels. This better distributes the weight of the engine and creates more balanced handling of the vehicle. In essence, a mid-engine vehicle is one that MOVES and moves FAST!

Other clues the C8 is imminent include the trademarking of the names Corvette E-Ray and Corvette Manta Ray by GM this year. (GM loves to name Corvettes after monster-fish like Mako Shark and Stingray.) Also, the previous head of product development for General Motors, the incredible Bob Lutz, confirmed with the Detroit News that the $800 million recently announced by GM to be invested into improvements of the Bowling Green plant where Corvettes are produced, is the same amount he asked for to develop the mid-engine C8 back in 2007. Coincidence you say? Then why is the Bowling Green plant scheduled for hiatus in 2017, heh? That only happens when something big is going down.

Finally, the Detroit News podcast show, Mike and Mike, which covers the auto beat, recently podcasted an interview with reporters who claim they have confirmation the project is a go. The C8 mid-engine Corvette rumor has so much credence that it isn’t a rumor—Corvette die-hards are putting down deposits on a vehicle that is still running around the rumor mill and not down an assembly line!

We at Pine Belt Chevrolet are unable to confirm or deny anything regarding the rumored C8 mid-engine vehicle except, yea-hah, baby!





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