Can The New Jeep Cherokee Hold Up Against The Beloved Old One?

Jeep Cherokee Radiator

While comparing articulation, not only traction is crucial but the quality of an off-road ride is of great quality. If a vehicle is powered with plenty of articulation, it can ride over the uneven terrains and ensure that you can enjoy a smooth and nice ride without making the vehicle jittery.

A photograph taken during the testing showed the new Jeep Cherokee climbing downhill at a specific angle. The front tire at the passenger side raises above the ground till it is almost at a parallel level with that slope and at that point its right front tire is seen crashing off to the ground. When the same obstacle was imposed on a Jeep XJ, all its tires were firmly positioned for the entire duration, thus resulting in a much more enjoyable ride for its driver.

It is interesting to note that on a terrain which did not max the suspension travel of the all-new Cherokee, its ride was much better than an XJ’s. But as far as the articulation is concerned, an XJ comes out as a winner.

Underbody protection and robustness

There are skid plates located all across the all-new Cherokee KL’s underbody. It is quite a beefy and thick armor to be sure.

You can also avail the XJ with optional skid plates that cover its gas tank, transfer case and steering components. Though the skid plates in an XJ is not quite extensive as that of the skid plating of the new Jeep Cherokee, it is not required that badly.

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