Top 10 Moments of Chevrolet – Part I

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Listing down the best 10 moments in the history of Chevrolet is not easy since it is a century-old brand. But after much deliberation, those top ten defining moments have been summarized below in the reverse sequence. They are all nostalgic moments in the racing history of Chevrolet. The first part of the article contains the 10th, 9th and 8th top most memorable moments.

#10 The wild ride of Zora

The year was 1956 when Chevy agreed to let its new V8 Zora-Arkus Duntov participate in a race. It was then a preproduction model not revealed officially. But he participated in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, won it and established a new record. He was responsible for taking Chevy to the spotlight of high performance.

#9 The Chaparral Can Ams

It was in 1964 that Jim Hall got assistance from the Research and Development wing of Chevrolet and surprised the then race-sanctioning bodies before transforming the world of motorsports world forever. He made amazingly innovative designs, incorporated high mounted wings amongst others and dominated at the Cam Am circuit. He managed to emerge as the winner in 1964 at the USRRC Championships.

#8 Electric victory

Following the footsteps of the superb test run by Zora Arkus-Duntov in the year 1956, it was Larry Ragland who created history when he drove a specially designed Chevrolet S-10 and got victory at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb of 1997. Without using an iota of gas, Larry proved the immense ability of electric power and laid down the foundation for the now famous Chevy Volt.

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