President Reagan’s Jeep Is Now On Display


The “Cars at the Capital” collection at Washington D.C.’s National Mall is displaying the famous vehicles of two of America’s presidents.

Out of them the first one is the Willys Jeep (CJ-6) which was a Christmas gift from the First Lady Nancy Reagan to Ronald Reagan. The year was 1963. Reagan had treasured the jeep for several decades as his career progressed from being an actor to California’s governor and then the President of the United States.

The Jeep in question had got featured in several pictures what were clicked when Reagan came back to his ranch Rancho del Cielo, located near Santa Barbara. There are images of the President using his Jeep for clearing brush and also driving it along with his dogs.

The other presidential vehicle that is on display is a White Steam car that is the sole survivor of the four cars used by the President William Howard Taft for accelerating the White House into an automotive era.

While there were other cars used in the presidential service prior to Taft taking charge, he was responsible for moving the White House into an automotive age completely when the stables in the White House were converted into a garage where his four cars were placed.

John R. Barletta, a Secret Service agent who is now retired recalls that Reagan simply loved driving his Jeep and took pride in taking care of it.

The President simply loved driving the Jeep himself while he was at the ranch. Its original color was utility green but later was painted red coupled by pinstripes in white by the California National Guard.

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