Subaru’s Hybrid Technology without the Compromises


The carmakers had a different goal altogether in the beginning. To start with the goals, some of them were to offer lower emissions, symmetrical drivetrain and enhanced fuel-efficiency.

The result of all these features is, of course, the superior Hybrid System from Subaru. The system offers an appealing list of eco-friendly benefits. This is a unique vehicle that will not compromise on its capability, no matter what the road conditions are, versatility in the real sense and great fun to be driving. It is the perfect blend of capability of a car with an honest conscience.

How it shaped up?

It was a tough challenge for Subaru’s engineers to add batteries, as well as an electric motor in the same vehicle. The aim was to make sure that the distribution of weight was similar as compared to its standard non-hybrid variant.

Other objectives included fine-tuning the vehicle’s suspension system and preserving similar low center of gravity so that superior driving dynamics can be easily delivered. The ultimate output was the effortless fusion of two compact electric motors, the famous full-time and symmetrical AWD system along with a powerful pack of batteries.

Electric motor

The Hybrid System from Subaru boasts of an electric motor that delivers high performance. It can offer the functionality of driving in an electrical or EV mode or can also function in conjunction with its gasoline engine. Subaru’s electric motor is used for fast and efficient recharge of its battery. Such a motor is environmentally friendly to due to its reduced emissions.

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