Safety Features of the Jeep Patriot


The popularity of the Jeep Patriot can be appreciated from the fact that it has completed its 75th anniversary and helps you in quenching your thirst for adventure. Its legendary capabilities, badging, accents and exclusive color enable it to stand out distinctly. The Jeep Patriot assists in protecting you with several handy security and safety features.

Airbags-offers protection to the driver and the occupants wherever and whenever required.
As mentioned above, the Patriot is equipped with 6 airbags with side airbags for the front seats so that the security of you and the fellow passengers can be ensured. Along with that, the front of Jeep Patriot has crush zones with side guard for the door beams. These have been blended with the vehicle’s design so that the crash energy can be dispersed and absorbed and the transmission of the energy can be decreased to the occupants of the vehicles.

Additional helping hand
Patriot’s ‘Engineering Stability Control’ can sense whenever you are trying to under-steer or over-steer. It applies the brakes so that your throttle can be controlled as required and you are back on track. The ABS or the Antilock Brake System on the four-wheels provides additional vehicle control. It is also helpful for decreasing the stopping distances for both slippery and dry road surfaces. The Brake Assist system provides added security and safety to the vehicle’s occupants. It detects and uses the highest braking power when panic braking is used. Electronic Roll Mitigation is an intelligent safety feature that makes use of intelligent sensors to ascertain when the occurrence of rollover may happen and accordingly applies the brake on the proper wheel(s) so that the possibility of such a type of accident can be brought down.

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