Why You Should Buy a Used Chevrolet Volt


The range-extended car that operates on electricity from Chevrolet and is known as Chevrolet Volt has received the highest scores on owner satisfaction in comparison to all the other models sold by General Motors since the time it started to do customer surveys for its buyers. In fact, the features of Chevrolet Volt are so appealing that it has managed to draw new buyers who had not even thought of going for a Chevy earlier.

According to a report shared by GM, about 2/3rd of the Volt miles and eighty percent of Volt trips operate on chargeable batteries that can be charged by electricity though it has a relatively less range of about 35 to 38 miles. This indicates that here is a car that offers you all the benefits of electric running and there is no anxiety about its charge running out fast.

The reason for this feature is that Volt is powered by a 1.4 liter engine that is switched on if the battery charge is low and recharges it so that the car can move for over another 300 miles. Though the concept is great, it is quite complicated to market, advertise and market the same and General Motors have not had the success of doing any of that till date.

With the entry of Chevrolet Volt in the used-car segment, it seems to be a reliable and superior quality option for all such customers who prefer to drive an electric car for most of the times but also need an assurance that even when the battery is low, the car can move about another 250 miles continuously.

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