Subaru has Highest Brand Loyalty in Automotive Industry

Pine Belt 2 Subaru has Highest Brand Loyalty in Automotive Industry

Brand loyalty means a lot within a competitive automotive industry that has a plethora of products to offer consumers. It definitely gives an automaker a competitive advantage when its brand loyalty is higher than others. Information services company Experian has recently unveiled its rankings of the top automotive brands based on brand loyalty. The list was created using around 7 million household vehicle repurchases over a 12 month period (October 2014-September 2015). Based on the findings, Experian concluded that Subaru has the highest customer loyalty as 67.7 percent of buyers repurchase a Subaru vehicle. Director of Automotive Statistics and Consulting for Experian Brad Smith stated, โ€œThe strategies to achieve high levels of loyalty vary from brand to brand.โ€ It seems that Subaru has developed a great strategy that exceeds other automakers. Experience a Subaru vehicle today at Pine Belt Subaru in Lakewood.





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