Turn Your Chevrolet Volt into a Make-Shift Car Camper

Pine Belt 2 Turn Your Chevrolet Volt into a Make-Shift Car Camper

If you are someone who loves outdoor adventures and owns a first-generation Chevrolet Volt, there is a way to turn the Volt into a make-shift car camper for $30-$50. It is an inexpensive alternative to large RVs or hauling a camper with a pickup truck. If you are shorter than 6’4’’, you will comfortably fit inside the Chevrolet Volt. There are six easy steps to creating the “Volt-ebago.” First, you need to push and tilt the front seats as far as they can go. The second step is to remove the bottom of the rear seat and fill the empty space. Once the bottom is removed, lay the rear seat down. Next, extend the platform and lay down a camping mat. The last step is the easiest as it entails lying back, relaxing, and sleep comfortably. You can even create custom window covers with silver bubble insulation to darken the windows. Pine Belt Chevrolet in Lakewood sees this as a clever idea to have convenient and inexpensive outdoor adventures.






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